Captive black rhinos relocated to Rwanda

Posted on 25 June 2019

Five black rhinos which were born and raised in captivity in Europe are being relocated to Rwanda and released into the wild.

On Monday, 24 June the animals began their journey from Europe to Africa. According to Sky News, this move has taken years to plan.

The rhinos are made up of three female and two males, and are aged between two and nine years old. They are named Jasiri, Jasmina, Manny, Mandela. and Olmoti.

The animals are being moved to Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Sky News reports that Jasiri, Jasmina and Manny were born in a zoo called Safari Park Dvůr Králové in the Czech Republic. Mandela comes from a safari park in Denmark, Ree Park Safari, and Olmoti is from Flamingo Land, a zoo/theme park in the UK. The rhinos were donated to the Rwanda Development Board as part of an attempt to increase the black rhino population in East Africa.

The animals underwent training at the Safari Park Dvůr Králové to learn how to live in the wild. They also underwent preparation for their 20-hour journey from Europe to Africa. Zookeepers and veterinarians will be with the animals to monitor and ensure their well-being.

Speaking to Sky News, Akagera National Park manager Jes Gruner said that the rhinos are ‘used to crates that are loaded on the vehicles, used to noise and when they get here at midnight we’re going to gradually release them.

‘It’s going to take a couple of months before they’re totally accustomed to this new environment.’

Also speaking to Sky News, director of Safari Park Dvůr Králové, Premysl Rabas said the rhinos will initially be kept in wooden enclosures, and in time will be moved to a bigger enclosure in a protected area.

The black rhino is a critically endangered animal. According to WWF there are just 5,000 left in the wild.


Image source: Pixabay

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