Could ‘revenge travel’ save the industry?

Posted by Adrian Brown on 31 July 2020

Even as leisure travel within a province is now allowed (again), many are still eager to jump aboard a plane and make their way to a faraway destination after months of lockdown.

International travel is still not allowed and is expected to resume in January 2021.

Could 'revenge travel' save the industry?

Many experts expect a drastic rise in demand for travel post-lockdown.

As a result of the long period no travelling was allowed, a new phenomenon called ‘revenge travel’ is expected to rise once travel is permitted again. This is expected to lead to a massive increase in travelling after restrictions are lifted to make up for lost time.

The term is derived from China, where ‘revenge spending’ became popular in the 1980s after the Cultural Revolution, according to Travel Daily Media.

Jessica Nabongo, the founder of boutique tourism agency Jet Black, told The Washington Post that Americans are currently feeling trapped. ‘People DM me, email me and post in our comments section things like ‘I’m so ready to go! I want out of here!’ she said.

Both leisure and business domestic air travel has already climbed to between 60% and 70% compared to their pre-pandemic levels, according to Live and Let’s Fly.

It is clear that the desire to travel is only increasing as lockdowns drag on all over the world.

Nabongo told The Washington Post that ‘revenge travel’ may have great effects on travel and tourism. She believes that common destinations will have fewer visitors after the pandemic, with previously less popular destinations increasing in popularity.

This expected phenomenon could, however, be curbed by travellers’ financial situation, as many South Africans have lost jobs or faced salary reductions due to COVID-19.

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In line with the expected upturn in post-lockdown travel, environmental groups are calling for changes in the travel industry before the travel boom occurs, according to Euro News.

‘As the global recovery picks up, global warming will not slow down,’ EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said to the European Parliament.

Image: Pexels 

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