Crocodile takes on bakkie in Richards Bay

Posted by Leila Stein on 29 November 2020

A group in Richards Bay had a close encounter with a three-metre saltwater crocodile on Monday, November 23.

Zak Williams uploaded the video to his YouTube page and documented the entire encounter.

In the video you can see the crocodile make its way out of the water and towards the headlights of the bakkie. In one switch movement it attempts to take a bite out of the car, breaking a foglight.

‘I immediately reversed from where we were — but I don’t think I reversed far enough — and I just left the van there with my headlights shining on this crocodile, just so we could see it, keep some light on it, know where it was and call for some assistance,’ said Williams.

The crocodile was unharmed. According to Ezemvelo KZN, attempts to capture the crocodile had already failed but efforts will continue after this incident.

Picture: Screenshot from video

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