Global Passport Index for 2020 released

Posted by Imogen Searra on 6 October 2020

This year’s Global Passport Index has seen the rise and fall of certain countries’ passport power. Based on how each country dealt with the coronavirus pandemic, passport strengths have fluctuated dramatically.

The index adopts a multi-tiered method to determine the strength of each country’s passport. These tiers include electronic travel authorisation, mobility score, world openness score and visa requirements.

New Zealand has claimed the most powerful passport for 2020 with a score of 129. The island nation’s handling of the coronavirus coupled with visa-free access to 128 countries has landed it on the top spot. In the past, we have seen Japan and Singapore with the most powerful passport.

America has fallen from the third most powerful passport in the world in 2019, to number 21 in 2020 with a score of 92, tying in with Malaysia.

South Africa’s Green Mamba has ranked 38, tying in with Dominica, both with an overall score of 72.

To read the full Global Passport Index, click here:

Picture: Getaway Gallery

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