Incredible natural phenomena on Lake Baikal

Posted by Leila Stein on 12 November 2020

Lake Baikal in Siberia has been delighting people all over social media with its unique ice formations which make it appear like a rock is balancing on moving water.

Called “Baikal Zen” this “leg” of ice was created when the stone froze to the ice and winds wore away at the area beneath it, forming this pedestal. A team in Ukraine explained this beautiful process during the International Physicist’s Tournament in 2018.

It is home to many incredible phenomena as a result of its cold, harsh climate. The freezing temperatures, which can get as low as −19 °C, and harsh winds sculpt the environment in unique ways.

Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest and most voluminous freshwater lake. It is also considered the world’s clearest and oldest lake at an estimated 25–30 million years old. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

The lake attracts tourists in both summer and winter, with winter activities including ice-walking and ice-skating and the summer activities ranging from hiking to fishing.

Take a look at this incredible frozen wonderland:


Picture: @JasnaMishevska/Twitter

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