Migaloo the white humpback whale spotted

Posted on 17 June 2020

Migaloo, the elusive white humpback whale has been spotted once again off the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia, presumably on his annual migration to Queensland from Antarctica.

Migaloo was first spotted passing by Byron Bay in 1991, leading experts to believe he was born in 1986, according to reports from 7News. In terms of Migaloo’s unusual colouring, Queensland has confirmed that Migaloo is indeed an albino male humpback whale in his 30s.

As you would expect, the name Migaloo does have some relation to his colouring. Directly translated from the native Aboriginal language, it means ‘white fellow’.

Thankfully, Migaloo does not have to worry about accidentally bumping into any stray shipping vessels, as he is protected under the Queensland and Commonwealth legislation, which stipulates that not shipping vessel of any size is allowed to stray within 100m of the majestic whale. Touching or feeding both whales and dolphins is also prohibited under this legislation.

Depending on a variety of different factors including water temperature, food availability, and predators, up to 33,000 humpback whales take part in a mass-migration north in search of subtropical waters to both mate and give birth to the next generation of humpback whales. This year, it looks like Migaloo has joined the party, presumably in search of his very own mate.


Image credit: Twitter/@Migaloo1

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