Klaserie Private Game Reserve celebrates female rangers

Posted on 17 June 2020

Boasting the spectacular new Misava Lodge, Klaserie Drift is calling South Africans back to the wild post-lockdown with unmissable local rates. Situated in the heart of the Greater Kruger National Park on a sprawling expanse of unspoilt wilderness crawling with wildlife, including the Big Five is where you will find Klaserie Drift.

Known for its superb game viewing, excellent birdwatching, lush bushveld and diverse topography, this safari camp offers a true, exclusive retreat into nature.

Misava Lodge at Klaserie Drift

Having breathed life into one of the oldest original sites on the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Klaserie Drift welcomes guests to the new Misava Lodge, where indulgence is the norm. The opulent suites remain true to the originality of the site, coupled with world-class comforts and service. Guests enjoy decadent meals and local beverages, daily game activities, and access to the lodge facilities.

The views from the rooms at Misava are spectacular.

One of the rooms at Misava.

Celebrating the women of the wild: Klaserie Drift’s female guides

Klaserie Drift is proudly moving with the times by having two female game rangers on their safari team. General Manager, Dawie Jansen acknowledges that female guides possess a keen sensitivity to the environment, and in most cases are more attentive to their guests. This is a winning combination for any game drive, where the ranger is dancing to the desires of her passengers and the unpredictability of Mother Nature. The result is soul-stirring game drives led with the intuition and sensitivity of the feminine spirit.

Ranger Emily educating a ranger-to-be.

Bringing feminine charm and a more empathetic approach to guest interaction with wildlife, these young women transport their passengers to a deeper consciousness of nature, ushering in authentic wonder and respect for wild animals and their habitats.  

Ranger Monika on the job.

Klaserie’s female conservation and humanitarian hero – Corne Havenga, Eco Children

Eco Children was founded in 2007, aiming to introduce children to the wonders of the wild and nurture a respect for nature among the local people. The initiative now addresses the holistic development of school children in 7 of the local primary schools, under the leadership of General Manager, Corne Havenga.

Corne began chipping away at the injustices to children: from providing basic daily nutrition to infrastructure and sanitation, instilling teaching principles and implementing reward programs, all the while still continuing the work of hosting 500 children on a safari experience each and every holiday.

Images: Supplied



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