Phabeni Gate in Kruger National Park closed

Posted on 31 January 2021

Parts of the Kruger National Park are in flood once again. This comes one week after Tropical Storm Eloise brought torrential downpour to the area.

Pretoriuskop in the Kruger National Park received 175mm of rain overnight on Saturday, January 30. The downpour has submerged Phabeni bridge, forcing this gate into the park to close until further notice.

SANParks has since announced the following on Sunday, January 31:
– Phabeni Bridge is under water and Mtshawa river is also over the Phabeni tarred road.
– There is a high possibility of the Crocodile river flooding again and the bridge to be closed. Alerting guests to be prepared to detour to Malelane Gate.

SANPark also issued a possible flood warning for Crocodile River on Sunday morning. Guests are urged to enter the park at Malelane Gate instead.

Kambaku River Lodge shared a video to their Facebook page of Crocodile River flowing in full force on Sunday.

Last weekend, Tropical Storm Eloise pummeled the Kruger National Park, leaving various areas inaccessible. Guests were advised to remain out of the park as rivers in the south grew increasingly full. In the north, flagged camps included Sirheni, Shimuwini and Bateleur Bushveld Camps and Sable Hide. Visitors were required to leave these camps ahead of the storm’s arrival.

Image: SANParks KNP/ Twitter

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