Photographer captures Uzbekistan

Posted by Ilhaam Bardien on 23 June 2020

While we’re not able to set foot outside South Africa yet, there is great pleasure in joining the journeys of others through photos.

Travel photographer Christopher Wilton-Steer launched a new project on the Silk Road which includes spectacular footage of Uzbekistan. The Silk Road is an ancient trade route that links China with parts of Europe and Africa and Uzbekistan is at the heart of it.

As a result, Uzbekistan benefitted through the erection of architectural marvels built between the 1400s – 1600s.

Uzbekistan was a major hub and known for its extravagant architecture and cultural sites still preserved today.

The photos will form part of an exhibition about the Silk Road in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation. The project is dedicated to sharing ‘the wonders of the Silk Road’ with a broad audience. It aims to celebrate cultural expression and its diversity and highlight how history lives on today.

‘It also aims to help build bridges of interest and understanding between distant cultures and challenge perceptions of less well known and understood parts of the world,’ Walton-Steer told Lonely Planet.

Have a look at some of his images:

Featured image: Unsplash

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