Puppy with green fur named Pistachio born in Italy

Posted by Imogen Searra on 23 October 2020

A dog on a farm in Sardinia, Italy gave birth to five puppies, one of which was born with green fur. The pup was suitably named Pistachio.

A green puppy named Pistachio was born on a farm in Sardinia.

The remaining four pups were born with white fur, the same as their mother, Spelacchia.

The puppy’s pigment is believed to be a result of coming into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment in the womb, according to BBC. This is a very rare occurrence.

The owner of the farm, Cristian Mallocci, has decided to keep Pistachio who will help to herd sheep. The remaining pups will be given away.

Pistachio’s colour has begun to fade and will eventually become a normal colour.

Picture: Twitter

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