Qatar’s ‘Diamond in the Desert’ stadium complete

Posted by Anita Froneman on 30 June 2020

The 2022 FIFA soccer World Cup will be held in Qatar and the country is pulling out all the stops in preparing for the major event.

The ‘Diamond in the Desert.’

The 40,000 seater Education City Stadium, nicknamed ‘Diamond in the Desert,’ is the third venue to be completed for the World Cup and one of eight stadiums to be used in the competition.

Its diamond-like patterns will appear to change colour as the sun moves across the sky, promising a fascinating light show for spectators, according to CNN.

‘What makes this very unique, which is also an important part of our legacy is its location in the heart of Education City,’ said Nasser Al Khater, the chief executive of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organizing committee.

‘Education City has a lot of leading institutions, leading universities, schools and this will be a stadium that they can use as recreational and sporting facilities after the World Cup.’

The desert country’s capital, Doha is known for its futuristic skyscrapers and ultramodern Islamic architecture. The city is a major travel hub that serves as a connection point for travellers, but is also well worth exploring on its own.

Large dunes, tranquil beaches and world-class shopping are only some of the country’s attractions.

Take a look at the impressive new stadium:


Image credit: Twitter/qatarday

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