Richard Branson’s luxury, heart-shaped island

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 12 March 2019

Wealthy entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Airlines, Sir Richard Branson, owns a second private island which was widely unknown to the public until it received a makeover last year.

Everyone knew about Necker Island, a 30-hectare luxury isle in guess no further – the British Virgin Islands.

This island, however, is naturally heart-shaped, and is called ‘Makepeace’ coincidentally after a vibrant islander, and is in Australia’s northern side off the coast of Queensland.

The lush island was bought by Branson in 2009, and was open for 22 ‘castaways’ in 2011, namely Branson and co-founder Brett Godfrey’s closest family and friends.

In 2018 it got a smart refurbishment by the interior designer who worked on Necker Island and the Branson Estate on Moskito Island, both in the Virgin Islands.

The latest and third co-owner since 2018 founded Light Warrior, an Aussie investment group supports businesses that are sustainably responsible and environmentally conscious.

Makepeace Island has its own green initiatives and systems. It also has its own chicken coup, and beehive, as well as vegan-friendly amenities. It also includes a recycling and wastewater purification system, while its produce locally sourced.

There are villas, as well as a island house and boathouse. Rates, from R5,000 per person for a minimum of two nights, include luxury boat transfers from the Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland. Some of the luxury facilities include a 500-litre pool, a 15-seater spa, tennis court, gym, walking trails, paddle boards and kayaks. Yoga, pilates, and additional spa treatments are available on request.

Check out this map of the island, featuring all of its facilities:

Featured images: Makepeace Island

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