South African Breweries goes to court over alcohol ban

Posted by Anita Froneman on 7 January 2021

South African Breweries (SAB) will challenge the Government in court over the reinstated alcohol ban. President Cyril Ramaphosa banned the selling and distribution of alcohol from retailers as well as on-site consumption establishments when he moved the country back to Level 3 lockdown on December 29.

South African Breweries goes to court over alcohol ban

SAB believes the alcohol ban is unconstitutional.

SAB issued a statement saying they believe the ban ‘goes far beyond what is reasonable and necessary to contain the spread of the virus and unlawfully restricts various rights that are enshrined and protected by our constitution.’

Ramaphosa cited the need for hospital beds for COVID-19 patients, saying the absence of alcohol-related trauma cases would help relieve the pressure on medical facilities.

However, as with the previous two alcohol bans, this one places several thousands of jobs on the line. According to Lucky Ntimane from the South African Liquor Traders Association, at least 250,000 jobs were in peril due to the ban, reports EWN.

In their statement, SAB added that over 165,000 people in the industry have already lost their jobs.

‘Challenging the constitutionality of the ban, which removes the South African public’s right as adults to responsibly consume a beer safely in the privacy of their own homes, is an integral part of SAB’s action. The damage to the South African economy and impact on the alcohol value chain arising from ban on the sale of alcohol is, in SAB’s view, disproportional and unlawful,’ it added.

Picture: Unsplash

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