Time out in Tofo, Mozambique

Posted by Sarah Isaacs on 29 July 2011

After time in the Gaza province bush, it was great to get back to Mozambique’s coastline. With its warm waters, white beaches, dive centres and affordable accommodation options Tofo is Mozambique‘s tourist hotspot. If relaxation and fun are what you’re after, be sure to pencil Tofo into your travel plans.

Good vibrations

The sun was just starting to rise as we left Gaza province. We wanted to make it to Tofo (Inhambane province) in time for an afternoon swim. The drive was slow and peaceful, the potholes between Massingir and Chokwe not as jarring the second time round. I thoroughly enjoyed making the change from bush to palm trees, as we headed closer to the coast. Reed huts, woven together with precision and flare, greeted us from amongst the palms together with hessian sacks full of coconuts ready for sale. A soft sea breeze complimented the cheesy choice of Beach Boys. Good vibrations filled the car.

Seaside slumber

There are a number of great places to stay in Tofo, one next to the other along the beach. Fatima’s Nest is a favourite amongst backpackers looking for a fun atmosphere at a good price. We opted for Aquatico Ocean Lodge, keen to have a room to ourselves after a long day’s drive. At $80 a night, it’s not quite as cheap as some of the backpackers along the Tofo strip but worth every dollar when one considers the package. The room is fully furnished with a single and double bed (the price stays the same irrespective of the number of tenants). More importantly your door opens up onto a delicious stretch of shoreline – warm, silky water just a few steps away. Tofo Scuba is right next-door and attached to the dive centre is a restaurant with delicious, very affordable grub.

A few metres down the way from Aquatico we found Dino’s – a local favourite for a Friday night boogie. On our first night we took full advantage of the two-for-one special on local beers and spirits and walked the short distance home singing and doing cartwheels through the soft sand. I don’t have a dive license so I saw no good reason to do anything the next day but eat, swim and sunbathe. A short walk down the beach offered an enjoyable dose of quiet from the activity around the dive centre but it wasn’t long before I idled back to the comfort of a lounger, ordered a cocktail and watched able surfers dancing with the waves.

A relaxing choice

If Mozambican culture is what you’re after, I wouldn’t suggest Tofo as your first port of call, as South Africans seem to run the show. If you’re looking for a good dose of guilt-free relaxation, it’s ideal. The warm water, blue skies, friendly atmosphere and slow pace are the perfect ingredients for an undemanding break from life. You’re sure to leave with a smile on your face and one or two fewer wrinkles.

Contacts in Tofo

Fatima’s Nest
Tel +258 82 4145730 / +258 82 3070870
Fax: +258 21724265
Email [email protected]

Aquatico Ocean Lodge
Tel +258 82 857 2850
Email [email protected]

Tofo Scuba
Tel +258 293 29030



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