Lake Malawi


Chembe Village, on the southern end of Lake Malawi, has a charm that is difficult to place.
You’re almost mesmerized by the openness and warmth that the atmosphere exudes. The people are forthcoming and engage affably with visitors. There’s almost a dreamlike quality to the feel of the place that makes you feel kind of at peace. Lake Malawi. I like.

Danny Kodesh – Camera

Thank you Protea Ryalls and Jean Claude for all your help

Darren Putter – Producer

My time in lake Malawi has really had a huge impact on my life. Why do I just not pack up my life and start a new life in this unbelievably spectacular location. I am no longer on this film shoot, I find my focus has shifted to this inland sea. The sunsets, the lake, the diving, the people and more draw me. Maybe the ideal location for my retirement.

Wesley Volschenk – Post Producer