Beautiful travel video: from Vietnam to Argentina

Posted on 18 September 2013

A beautiful travel video is one of life’s greatest pleasures: the best ones combine sublime, sweeping landscapes with beautiful small details (shells on a mantelpiece, wheat waving in the breeze, that sort of thing) to leave you feeling happy to be alive. (This video homage to Morocco does a very good job of that.) And if a travel video doesn’t leave you with itchy feet and ants in your pants, either the video or your wanderlust is broken.

This is one of those special videos: footage from eight countries, on three different trips, woven together and edited down into a mere five minute clip by German mastermind Christian Grewe. From Vietnam to Uruguay, Cambodia to Argentina, this video will make you fall in love with every single featured place. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Travel Love”.

Want more inspiration? 

Here are a few of our other favourite travel videos:  Iceland’s midnight sun, a photographer chasing the Northern Lights, or an amazing abstract cityscape.


Travel Love


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