Feeling weightless: a video experience of zero gravity

Posted on 19 September 2013

There are few ways to feel weightless if you aren’t an astronaut, or crazy enough to throw yourself off super-high cliffs, but this video will get you close. It’s a collection of some of the best base jumping footage we’ve ever seen, but instead of the frenzy of distorted audio and the feeling of hurtling towards a unsympathetically hard earth, all you’ll feel is calm. (If you’re more into reckless excitement, watch this video of a crazy fellow in a wingsuit flying through a tiny cave at over 250 km/h.)

Danielle Barnes found it via Infinity List, a website that curates some of the most awesome sports and travel videos around: you should definitely check them out next time you need some inspiration.

Experience Zero Gravity

Video from Infinity List

If you want to watch more crazy people doing ridiculous things, check out Jetman flying next to a Boeing using only a jet-propelled pair of wings that he built himself. That’s some next level stuff.

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