Video: awesome Cape Town aerial drone shots

Posted by Paul Maughan-Brown on 21 October 2014

The Mother City and her surrounds aren’t exactly ugly from the ground, but there are limits to what we can see from our perspective.

Enter remote-controlled drones and high-definition GoPros. If looking down from the top of Lion’s Head gives you vertigo, wait until you see how steep its sides look from the air. What about capturing crystal-clear schools of sharks? No problem. Seals in the surf? Easy game. There’s even a casual bit of great-white baiting, which thanks to the drone was probably more comfortable to shoot than it was for us to watch (check out this shark cage diving close call). However you might feel about that particular segment, we think in its entirety, this is definitely worth a watch.


This stunning footage courtesy of Eric Cheng on Vimeo.

From the archives: We dug out a personal account of what it feels like to lose your fear of sharks by diving with them.

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