Diver coaxes octopus into swapping cup for shell

Posted by Imogen Searra on 16 October 2019

A team of divers came across an octopus wearing a plastic cup for protection in the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia. Knowing they had to help the eight-armed creature, a search mission began to find the perfect alternative.

The tiny octopus had made a home for itself inside the disposable plastic cup. The invertebrate however, wasn’t about to give up its protective gear too quickly.

The veined/coconut octopus is known for using objects, like coconut shells, for protection.

The divers were saddened by the site of the plastic waste-turned-shelter and began the hunt for suitable seashells. The octopus was curious about the diver’s gestures and used its tentacles to feel out its potential new home.

After a few tries, the octopus was not satisfied with the offerings. Goldie Locks and the Three Bears comes to mind. After a few more attempts, the animal cautiously transfered itself into its new home. A win-win for everybody.

Watch the heart-warming interaction below:

Image: Screenshot from video

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