Leopard vs croc, who gets lunch?

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 18 October 2019

This video shows a leopard that keeps trying to find a way to take a crocodile’s prey away from it. The beady-eyed croc, however, stands its ground against the intruder.

It was captured by 54-year-old Alberto Scattolin, the owner of Matimba Lodge, in the late afternoon in Kruger on 7 October.

‘This afternoon was no different than any other late afternoon drives in the Kruger. Usually, when I have no guests, I take a drive-by myself and try my luck to see if I can find some exciting sightings.’

Scattolin told Latest Sightings, ‘On this specific day, I tried my luck once again and sure enough, it paid off!’

‘I was the only person at this spot at the time, hence, it made this an unbelievable experience, it was like an exclusive performance for a sole audience. The sighting ended when I had to leave since the gates were about to close. This was the most amazing interaction with these two animals I’ve ever seen,’ said Scattolin

Take a look at the video below:

Image: Screenshot from video

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