Hyena saves warthog from leopard attack

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 25 October 2019

Daniel Hitchings, a 22-year-old Game ranger at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve caught incredible footage of a leopard attacking a warthog.

The warthog’s screams are a bit unnerving and just when you think it’s over for the warthog, a curious hyena comes and disrupts the fray allowing the bush pig to escape.

Speaking to Latest Sightings, Daniel said, ‘We watched the leopard wrestle to keep hold of the warthog as they were both almost the same size and then the leopard managed to manoeuvre the warthog belly up getting a proper grip. Just as we thought it was over, a hyena appeared from the thickets and ran toward the sound of the squealing warthog! What a sighting!’

‘The leopard got distracted by the approaching hyena, and when the leopard took his eyes off the warthog and loosened its grip to launch an intimidating snarl at the hyena, the warthog made good use of the opportunity! It got to its feet quickly, launched a tusked thrust at the leopard and ran for its life!’

Daniel did go on to tell Latest Sightings that the injured warthog hunkered down in a hole for a couple of days, while the leopard and hyenas remained close by. The leopard eventually dug the warthog out of the hole, only to have the pack of hyena steal its meal.


Image: Pixabay

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