Kruger Park lion pride make incredible kill

Posted by Imogen Searra on 21 October 2019

The Kruger National Park’s largest pride of lions took down a waterbuck in a hunt that is nothing short of mesmerising.

The vulnerable waterbuck is doing its best to escape the clutches of two lionesses but is unlucky. The two females flank the gazelle and bring it down in a shallow river bed.

Three more lionesses follows suit, helping to keep the buck down. The unlucky buck doesn’t go down easily and puts up quite a lengthy fight to try escape. A male lion then makes his way to the scene to help keep the buck down.

He is followed into the water by a cub and another male. The buck continues to fight for its life, with the two male lions taking their turn to asphyxiate the animal.

Eventually, when around 15 cats are in the water, they begin to feast. Not long after, a cheeky crocodile tries its luck at the spoils.

Take a look at the almost 4-minute long ordeal below:

Image: Screenshot from video

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