Python crawls into Kruger safari vehicle

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 8 July 2021

Snakes are cold-blooded and can often be found slithering into cars’ engines for warmth. Guests at the Kruger National Park witnessed a python crawling into their safari vehicle’s engine in a hair-raising encounter.

Python crawls into vehicle in Kruger

Credits: Kelly Balaam & Raj Chinsamy

Latest Sightings said the python was likely nervous about being exposed on the road, and first struck at a passing vehicle. Then, it slithered into the engine of another vehicle instead of the bushes.

Credits: Kelly Balaam & Raj Chinsamy

All of this played out in front of Kruger Pride Safaris nature guide Kelly Balaam, and Raj Chinsamy, who was on a drive with Legend Safaris.

‘We were on a game drive in the park and I stopped to talk to Arun from Legend Safaris who had stopped his vehicle in the road. A python was slithering in the road and moved underneath the vehicle and then into the engine!’ said Balaam to Latest Sightings.

‘Jan, who is also a guide, was on the drive with me and offered to help Arun remove the python from the engine. At first, it was only 2 vehicles and within a few minutes, a couple of cars had parked nearby to watch the action unfold. The python was pulled out reluctantly and then released back into the bush.’

‘After the sighting, we were all in high spirits as pythons are not often spotted in the park!’

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