Suspense at Kruger gate as visitors encounter charging elephants

Posted by David Henning on 23 September 2021

In what must have been a heart-stopping moment for everyone there, a herd of elephants caught visitors to Kruger National Park off guard outside Paul Kruger Gate on Monday 20 September.

A video capturing this suspenseful scene was uploaded to Twitter by a senior guide, Edward Themba, who received it from a friend.

Themba told the Lowvelder that ‘On the video, you can see a herd of about eight to 12 elephants on their way to a nearby river. The matriarch of the herd was walking in front. Two ladies who were taking pictures were right in the middle of their pathway to the water.’

The matriarch chased the people out of the way to ensure a clear path for the herd.

It is still a grey area whether or not people should be outside their cars at Paul Kruger Gate. Technically, visitors to the park have to get out of their cars to check-in at the gate.

Should the visitors have been at the statue? It is not prohibited, and many people go there to read the plaque and take photos.

Featured image: Screenshot from video


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