Brilliant sighting of African wild dogs feasting on impala

Posted by David Henning on 20 September 2021

In Olifants River Game Reserve, Susan Harwood was fortunate enough to spot our favourite painted predator, the African wild dog when a 33-strong pack chased zebra around the dam, before successfully taking down an impala for a feast.

Of the 33 members of the pack, 18 were pups. The pack was milling about at the Big Dam in the reserve as the adults chased the zebra before hearing a commotion from a herd of impala on the opposite side of the dam.





A young impala was to fall victim to the pack and within half an hour, there was nothing left except for a few leg bones for the pups to play with.

Susan says the sighting was breathtaking, though brutal. Watch the video below

Pictures and video: Susan Harwood/ @susan.harwood2


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