Video: Black Mamba rescued from township in Mpumalanga

Posted by David Henning on 22 October 2021

On Thursday 21 October 2021, Eward Doubell reacted to a notification on the Mpumalanga Reptile Recovery (MRR) WhatsApp group requesting the services of a snake catcher to remove a ‘very big snake from a hole in a wall’ in a modest residential dwelling in the Matsafeni Township in the Mbombela region

The MRR is a small group of dedicated wildlife enthusiasts who are licensed to rescue and relocate problem animals, specifically reptiles and venomous snakes, under the supervision and jurisdiction of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA)

Eward immediately responded to the request, making contact with the owner of the home. During a religious gathering near a house, the group noticed a large snake slithering across the lawn. The group tried to discourage the snake by throwing rocks at it, which Eward says prompted the snake to seek refuge in the house.

The homeowner then contacted the MTPA. Black Mambas are common in the Lowveld, and the homeowner reacted correctly, with Eward adamant that you should never try and interact with a snake near your home, and especially not try and kill the snake. Watch the video below to see Eward’s catching and releasing the black mamba.

Black Mamba’s are highly venomous snakes, and you should never try and interact with them, or try to kill them if they come near your house. Eward says the MRR team can respond to 20 snake calls per day, and that they are well staffed to deal with the reptiles.

There are cultural beliefs that snakes are dangerous or bad omens when they are actually beneficial animals, being predators of rodents and other pests. They are vital in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and many are now critically endangered.

Eward says that Mpumalanga Reptile Recovery Team is a group of highly trained and dedicated Reptile Recovery experts and we are just a phone call away. Depending on where you live, they will come to your assistance within minutes after your phone call and relocate the snake on your behalf, free of charge. To make things even easier for people, we work closely with all the major security companies, who offer free snake removals as part of their monthly services.

Picture: African Snakebite Institute


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