Spotted eagle owls rescued, rehabilitated and released in Johannesburg

Posted by Anita Froneman on 21 October 2021

The Owl Rescue Centre is once again doing what they do best. The team was alerted to a pair of sick spotted eagle owls at Steyn City in the north of Johannesburg, and took them in for treatment.

Both were found to be infected with avian trichomoniasis; a disease that raptors can contract from consuming on infected meat. The owls were treated by the Centre.

‘After a good few sleepless nights for us, they fully recovered. We released them back home this afternoon,’ the Centre posted on Facebook. The birds flew off happily after their transport cages were opened on the estate, an encouraging sight to see.

Have a look:

Spotted eagle owls are found in various different environments including grassland, savanna woodland and forest patches. They prey on insects, small mammals such as mice, rats and squirrels, as well as other smaller birds.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Owl pairs have established territories and their nests will be up to about 2.5 km away from any other owls, according to The South African National Biodiversity Institute, and males declare their territory with a hooting call.

Picture:  Screenshot from video


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