Newborn zebra takes first steps at MalaMala Game Reserve

Posted on 3 June 2024 By Tsoku Maela

A heartwarming moment was captured at MalaMala Game Reserve by game ranger Victoria Craddock, where a newborn zebra, just minutes old, took its first steps with the gentle encouragement of its mother. The baby zebra, still partially wrapped in its birth sac, struggled to stand, initially falling and wobbling on unsteady legs.

In a tender display of maternal care, the mother zebra nudged her baby with her nose, providing support and encouragement. Despite multiple falls, the newborn zebra, determined to walk, gradually improved its balance by spreading its legs further apart.

Walking is crucial for newborn zebras to avoid attracting predators with the scent of birth, making this a vital moment for survival. The baby zebra’s perseverance paid off as it eventually managed to stand and walk, much to the delight and pride of its mother.

The scene, filled with hope and tenderness, concluded with the baby zebra joyfully leaping around, celebrating its newfound ability. The mother remained close, her presence a source of reassurance, watching over her offspring with love and pride. The baby then nuzzled into his mother’s neck, enjoying a moment of safety and relaxation after overcoming his first big challenge.

Pictures: Victoria Craddock

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