Thousands of birds flock to empty Langebaan cove

Posted by Adrian Brown on 6 April 2020

We’ve seen an increase in animals roaming freely due to the absence of humans who are staying inside to curb the spread of the coronavirus. On Saturday, 4 April, another natural phenomena occurred in Langebaan.

A male resident from Paradise Beach in Langebaan, Western Cape posted a video to Facebook showing thousands of birds feeding on sardines close to the shore.

Michelle Scheepers, who uploaded the video, said in the caption: ‘nature is loving the lockdown for humans’.

In the video, the man recording claims he has never seen anything like this before. According to him, the sardine run has been visible to residents before, but never has he seen it on this scale.

‘It’s amazing how ever since this lockdown happened, the birds have been going crazy, we had the dolphins yesterday morning or the day before coming right past us here and playing just past the cove’, said the man recording the video. ‘Unbelievable’, he said.

With free moving fish, the birds in Langebaan are feasting.

Watch the video to see the flock taking over the cove:

Image: Screenshot from video

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