12 delicious Amarula recipes

Posted on 10 January 2013

Amarula is a South African favourite. A creamy, rich liqueur, it’s the drink of choice when sitting around the fire in the bush, and makes a fabulous ice cream sauce. It can also be used as a delicious ingredient in a number of dishes. Here are some of our favourite Amarula recipes.


Walnut coffee cake with butterscotch and Amarula ice cream



Amarula malva pudding


Amarula malva pudding



Amarula cheesecake



Chocolate and Amarula trifle



Amarula panna cotta with honeycomb and banana ice cream



Amarula tiramisu


Dark chocolate Amarula cheesecake


Dark chocolate Amarula cheesecake


Amarula and banana spring rolls



Amarula chocolate mousse


Amarula malva pudding with Amarula creme anglaise




Amarula is not only for desserts: here are two tasty savoury recipes.


Amarula-poached blue cheese and pear salad



Thai Massaman curry with Amarula and peanuts








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