Bobotie to malva pudding: 20 of the best South African recipes

Posted on 17 July 2012

We know that our readers love South African recipes more than any others. I think it’s partly to do with nostalgia (remembering your granny by cooking her milk tart recipe), partly comfort but mostly because South African recipes tend to be rather delicious.

Here are 20 of the most popular South African recipes on our blog.

Click on the recipe title to see the full recipe and cooking instructions on our blog.

1. Traditional bobotie

Traditional bobotie with yellow rice. Image credit: Charmaine Zoe

2. Butternut soup

Butternut soup. Image credit: Veronique/ Flickr


3. Slow-cooked Karoo lamb shanks



4. Chicken soup with braaied mielies

5. Chakalaka soup with boerewors balls

6. Oxtail potjie

7. The best boerewors rolls

8. Braai broodjies


9. Braaied garlic and peri-peri chicken


10. Rump steak with garlic butter


11. Chicken pie


12. Peppermint crisp tart


13. Traditional malva pudding


14. Banana bread


15. Better-than-Ouma’s rusks


16. Apple pie


17. Amarula malva pudding recipe


18. Spiced guava ice cream


19. Braaied banana and pineapple


20. The best vetkoek recipe ever





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