Best of Getaway funny signs: down at the pub

Posted on 18 January 2013

It’s amazing how many people go to considerable lengths to tell other people wacky things on boards – and often get the message so delightfully wrong doing it. Hundreds of these memorable signs have been spotted, photographed, and sent in by Getaway readers as they journey through these hilarious, poignant, silly, ridiculous and often bewildering signs.

Getaway magazine looks back over the twenty-odd years of publishing to bring you this Best of Getaway Funny Signs collection. This definitely doesn’t mean that these funny signs have all been seen before. In recent years travel has become easier and more and more Getaway readers have explored an ever-increasing footprint across the planet, meaning the repertoire of funny signs pictures have grown to include some never-seen-before corkers.

Here is a selection of pub signs to make you chuckle

funny signs

Spot on! Taken in Mozambique by Sarah Pennington.


funny signs

That’s what you get when you open a restaurant between a trip club and a pre-school. Noticed in La Digue by Doris Schulz, Seychelles.


funny signs

After years of searching, Bruce Jenkins says he finally found the G-spot.


funny signs

So, beans for lunch then? Hugh and Sandra Verreynne spotted this odd sign in Pilgrim’s rest.

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