Urban Wildlife Photography Awards 2022 finalists

Posted by David Henning on 6 July 2022

Photography platform Picfair has hosted its inaugural Urban Wildlife Photography Awards to celebrate the enduring trend in photographing urban wildlife, which proliferated during the Covid lockdowns.

An amateur photographer from Canada who works in advertising ended up winning the award for his photograph of two coyotes in Toronto, titled “Date Night”. All Picfair profits from the print sales will go to the global non-profit Re:Wild.

Daylight category: Cat and fish by Matko Petrić/ Picfair in Split, Croatia.

Winner Fancy Seeing You Here category: Trash Panda by Jill Finney/Picfair in Toronto

Winner Daylight category: Window to the salt pan by Mano Aliczki/Picfair. Greater flamingo feeding in an artificial salt pan in Sardinia, Italy.

Winner Nightlife category: Life Beyond the Sewer in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Overall winner: Date Night by Andrew Interisano/Picfair. Coyotes in Ontario, Canada.

Date Night in the city by Mano Aliczki/Picfair. Common toads in Budapest.

Beak in the Botanic Gardens by Leigh Henningham/Picfair. Swans at the Botanical gardens, Melbourne, Australia.

Man, You Scared Me by Kim Borg/Picfair. Lorikeets perched on a rail overlooking the ocean.

Riders on the storm by Luca Eberle/Picfair. Redfox in Slovenia.

Oh snap! by  Barak/Picfair.

What’s up human? by Jozef Kovalik/Picfair.

The fox and the chicken by Martin Tosh/ PicFair.

 Red fox on boat by Mark Wallner/ Picfair in USA.

Tanning in style by Nicolas Bamberski/ Picfair in USA.

Pelican Waters by Leigh Henningham/ Picfair at Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.


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