Pictures of a snowy, frosty and downright freezing South Africa

Posted by Ilhaam Hoosain on 20 June 2022

Some South Africans are experiencing a winter wonderland. Areas like the Matroosberg mountains in the Western Cape saw fluffy snow over the weekend. Many residents in Sutherland in the Northern Cape woke up to frost which made for delightful pictures.

Temperature determines the shape of an individual snowflake. Interestingly, snow that has just fallen absorbs sound waves and this results in a quiet ambience after heavy snow. After it melts and refreezes, the ice from the snow reflects sound waves and this allows sound to travel further and clearer.

Snow is mostly trapped air and this makes it a great insulator. Many animals hibernate in the snow and igloos are said to be 100 degrees warmer inside than outside. It takes about an hour for a single snowflake to depart from its cloud and reach the earth.

Report SA shared some footage with us. Take a look.

Matroosberg Nature Reserve, Western Cape
















Pictures: Storm Report SA


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