The History of the Iron Horse

Posted on 17 March 2021

The modern bicycle first appeared in the 1800s. It was considered a revolutionary invention, and changed travel for people around the world.

Here’s More About ‘the People’s Nag’:

While bicycle design evolved from the 1400s, the design of the first modern bicycle is credited to John Kemp Starley. His design became popular in the mid-1800s, and was called the Safety Bicycle, 
because it was considered less precarious than its 
predecessor, the Penny Farthing.

The Wright brothers, the pioneers who invented the first aeroplanes, started off as bicycle mechanics. They Tested Their Ideas Around 
Aerodynamics by Strapping Wings 
To Bicycles.

Cycling is the third-most dangerous sport in the world with an estimated 455 000 cyclists ending up in emergency rooms in 2017.

Approximately 100-Million Bicycles are manufactured every year all around the world.

Get On Your Bike And Ride

The Karoo Burn

Date: 20–21 Feb 2021
Start: Calvinia Primary School
Finish: Kaleo Guest Farm, Ceres
Cost: R2 700–R4 900
Total distance: 242km

In teams of two or four, 
riders battle it out along South Africa’s longest straight gravel road between Calvinia and Ceres. Teams have 24hours 
to reach the finish line.

X-Berg Challenge

Four-day extreme race
17–22 March 2021
Two-day mini race
19–22 March 2021
Cost: R1 840/R2 990
Total distance: 90km/180km

You can ride it, run it or even paraglide it – and if you’re into challenges, do it all! Solo, team and relay entries are welcome.

Call in your Cape Leopard Sightings

While rare and seldom seen, 
leopards are the only large predator still roaming the Cape mountains. Because they are nocturnal and secretive, leopards often go 
undetected in an area. Now the Cape Leopard Trust has started a project to create a database of leopard distribution in the Western Cape. And they need your help to upload any leopard observations to the online data portal. To submit any leopard sightings, go to


Derek Solomon, a recordist and wildlife photographer has just launched his new website which features multiple recordings of animals, insects, amphibians and other bush sounds – even people, when appropriate. Part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Conservation South Luangwa and Elephants Alive

World wetlands day 2021

Wetlands are an incredibly important natural feature that protect us against flooding, pollutants and droughts. They’re also really beautiful. So let’s celebrate these special places on 2 February: World Wetlands Day.

Ntsikeni Nature Reserve

This wetland in 
southern KZN is one of the largest high-altitude wetlands in South Africa. Accessible 
by 4×4, the wetland 
is home to a colony of Cape vultures, as well as the southern reedbuck and the Cape 
clawless otter.

Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

An internationally 
recognised wetland 
reserve, the beautiful 
6 000 hectare Verloren Vallei in Mpumalanga is home to many rare plant and bird species. It’s best visited during 
summer, from R45 pp.

Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve

On the outskirts of Cape Town city, Zeekoevlei is home to around 230 species of birds, as 
well as the critically 
endangered Cape Flats sand fynbos and the 
endangered western leopard toad.


Sources: Forbes, National Geographic, CNN | Photography gallo/ Gettyimages; Illustrations Jess Nicholson

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