Australia: Biggest fire under control

Posted by Anita Froneman on 13 January 2020

On Monday 13 January, according to the New South Wales firefighters, Australia’s biggest blaze, situated on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney, is finally under control. Wet weather conditions played a role in quelling the blaze, named the ‘Gospers Mountain Megablaze.’

The country has been ravaged by ongoing fires for over three months, but New South Wales Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says the ‘containment prognosis looks promising,’ although there is a ‘small area of burning still to complete’ according to News24.

In total, the fires have resulted in the destruction of over 800,000 hectares. The famous Sydney Opera House was recently lit up as a symbol of thanks to the brave firefighters working to save the country and to commemorate those who have died or sustained injuries in the fires while trying to help others.

As the flames are subsiding and exhausted firefighters can slow down a little, Project Rock Wallaby has been initiated. This project, implemented by the government of New South Wales, is helping to ensure that brush-tailed rock-wallabies affected by the bushfires are fed, as part of a post-fire wildlife recovery effort, reports CNN. According to Matt Kean, Minister of Energy and Environment, officials have dropped over 1,000 kilograms of sweet potatoes and carrots across different colonies in the last week.


To learn more about the current conservation efforts and how you can help, read: Australia fires: How to help and Animals sheltered in zoo director’s home

Image: Twitter/ DanielTran_

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