Banana leaves: an a-peeling plastic alternative

Posted by Imogen Searra on 1 April 2019

A supermarket in Thailand is making waves for using an innovative alternative to plastic packaging: banana leaves. Perfect Homes Chiang Mai in Thailand is using discarded banana leaves as packaging for loose grocery items such as fruit and vegetables.

The banana leaves are used to package items like cucumbers, lettuce leaves, chili peppers, and more. According to Metro, the leaves are then secured with a biodegradable piece of bamboo twist ties. Read: India’s dissolvable bio-plastic bag.



The packaging, however, is not 100% biodegradable – there are still plastic labels stuck onto the items as well as bits of clear plastic. There is optimism, though, that Rimping will continue to improve on this packaging.

The use of sustainable, biodegradable packaging is a move in the right direction to reduce reliance on single-use plastics. Also read:10 tips for living with less plastic.


Image source: Twitter @TaganiPH

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