SA’s sugar cane converted into biodegradable bottles

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 10 December 2018

The Air Water company has announced that it will be manufacturing a 100% biodegradable bottle made from sugar cane, as part of a conservation campaign it has launched titled “Zero Plastic, Zero Harm”, which aims to create awareness around plastic usage. Air Water introduced machines that extract water from air in South Africa around 12 years ago.

Image by Design Indaba

Founder and CEO of Air Water™, Ray De Vries said, “If you put the bottle in a compost heap, it will disappear within 150 days. It adds nutrients to the soil and if you burn it, it is a very good waste to energy fuel and is totally non-toxic.”

The idea of producing the sugar cane bottles came about during the Cape Town drought. The manufacturing process involves sugar cane fiber and a polylactic acid, which guarantees the entire bottle, from the lid to the label, is biodegradable.

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