Brown hyena seen chased by dogs in Lüderitz

Posted by David Henning on 30 May 2022

A brown hyena was spotted near the train station in the town of Lüderitz, Namibia early one morning, causing quite a stir with some of the town’s dogs. 

The hyena was chased around by some dogs but fortunately, found its way out. The Brown Hyena Research Project, which conducts scientific research on brown hyenas in the area, commented that these animals are regular visitors to the town. 

On Namibia’s coast, brown hyenas mostly feed on Cape fur seals, often travelling long distances to find food. Brown hyenas are social animals but tend to travel alone when they forage for food. 




For more information on the Brown Hyena Research Project, visit their website: Brown Hyena Research Project

Pictures: Marie Lemerle


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