Covid-positive Indonesian man disguises himself as wife to board flight

Posted by David Henning on 23 July 2021

A Covid-positive man decided to disguise himself as his wife to board a domestic flight in Indonesia. The man disguised himself by wearing a niqab, a full-face veil. He was carrying his wife’s passport and her negative Covid test result, BBC reports.

The man, only known by his initials, DW, was successful in boarding the plane, and if it wasn’t for a change of clothing mid-flight, he might have gotten away with it. A wardrobe change raised the attention of a stewardess, who then notified the rest of the crew.

Police told reporters that the man remained on the plane and was tested immediately. He tested positive and was ordered to self-isolate.

The move to prosecute him will commence as soon as his quarantine ends. This incident comes amid travel restrictions in Indonesia, with the country becoming the epicentre of the virus in Asia, recording almost 50 000 cases a day.

Indonesia’s hospitals are being overwhelmed with the influx of patients and the lack of resources, including oxygen. Almost 3 million people have been infected, with more than 72 000 deaths.

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