Road trip for a cause: Adventure group takes 12 tons of supplies to KZN

Posted by Matt Sterne on 23 July 2021

The Put Foot Rally is known for its wacky and wild adventure events through Southern Africa, but has turned its attention to more pressing matters this week. Convoys from Joburg and Cape Town, with over 12 tons of supplies, have departed on the ‘Put Foot KZN Mission’ to deliver chronic medication, food supplies and basic necessities to those in need in KwaZulu-Natal.

‘In response to the enormous devastation caused by the recent riots in KZN we received hundreds of calls from past Put Foot Rally veterans from around the world and in South Africa, all wanting to help in any kind of way,’ Put Foot Rally founder Daryn Hillhouse told Getaway.

Past Put Foot shenanigans. Source: Unknown

The response, despite a long Covid lockdown, a difficult economic climate and brutally cold winter, has been fantastic. They’ve raised over R100,000 from the Put Foot Rally family over the past week. ‘In less than five days, we’ve assembled multiple teams to lead on liaison with organizations in KZN, fundraising, procurement of supplies and two operational teams that will transport goods into KZN where they will be distributed,’ Hillhouse said.

The Put Foot Foundation was told that the key issue facing the majority of people in KZN is the breakdown of logistical supply routes, and the resulting lack of food and basic essentials. They also started receiving urgent requests for assistance in securing life-critical medicines (eg insulin) which could no longer be sourced due to so many chemists being looted.

‘Our convoy teams will have a four-day turnaround, driving in, repacking, distributing and heading home. We also have a presence on the ground which will continue working with the various organizations until we are confident supply routes are reestablished and KZN is back to normal,’ Hillhouse said.

They will distribute to:

– 7th Heaven Old Age Home in Hilton
– Emuseni Home in Pietermaritzburg
– Anzel SAVF Old Age Home in Pietermaritzburg
– Khazimula Children’s Home in Lidgetton
– Benjamin Generation in Hanover
– Funa Inja in Howick

Some of the supplies on their way to KZN. Source: Put Foot Foundation

There are four vehicles per team, with an eight-ton truck carrying the bulk of the supplies from Johannesburg. They’re carrying over R40,000 of medicine and over R100,000 of food and basic essentials. These include non-perishables (such as canned food, tea, coffee, margarine, pilchards, pastas, soups, stock, rice, flour, maize meal, long life milk) and toiletries (sanitary pads, toilet paper, toothpaste etc.).

The general public can help by donating towards the efforts here. Hillhouse says, ‘Your donations will be put towards any ongoing efforts in KZN and then towards our primary missions which is providing young kiddies with their first ever pair of school shoes!’

The Put Foot’s 10-year anniversary rally is planned for 2022. They plan to celebrate 10 years of introducing folks from around the world to Southern Africa – and doing good building upon the 50,000 pairs of shoes they’ve already gifted to kiddies around South Africa, Namibia and Zambia.

The Put Foot Foundation would like to give a special thanks to Nick Smart, Jenny and Neil Reid, Rick Jackson and Mike Sharman for their dedication and never-ending commitment to doing good and helping others.

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