Elephant shot dead in Kruger staff village

Posted on 18 October 2019

SANParks released a statement on its Kruger community page on social media confirming that a field ranger had to shoot a male elephant which was endangering the lives of Kruger National Park staff members.

Young elephant charging. Image credit: Elise Kirsten

The statement read: ‘Dear all, staff members were charged by a young adult male (bull) inside the Pretoriuskop staff living quarters.’

‘Field rangers had to shoot the elephant. The elephant ran out of the living quarters and died. It was threatening the lives of staff, and there was no alternative. Fortunately, no one was injured.’

According to the Letaba Herald, the ‘elephant ran out of the living quarters and died’.

The news outlet also said that there were ‘several outraged comments’ but that ‘an admin of the SANParks group reassured members that there was no alternative’ and that the rangers had to make ‘an instant life-or-death decision’.

When in musth (a season where testosterone levels can rise to 60 times higher than usual) young bulls can become aggressive and very dangerous.

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