Fisherman catches unusual looking fish

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 19 July 2020

A Malaysian fisherman who goes by @raff_nasir on twitter managed to catch a rather unusual looking fish on July 2. In pictures which he shared to his twitter feed, the fish appears to have a set of voluptuous human-like lips and straight white teeth. An unusual combination of features for a creature that spends its entire life in the ocean.

The fish is believed to be a triggerfish, which Merriam Wenster describes as ‘various deep-bodied bony fishes (family Balistidae, especially genus Balistes) of warm seas having an anterior dorsal fin with two or three stout erectile spines’.

As you can imagine, a picture this strange certainly had some thinking it it was created in Photoshop. However, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) confirmed to the Metro that the fish in the photographs could be Rhinecathus verrucosus, or Blackpatch triggerfish as its more commonly known because of the distinctive orange stripe that runs down its side.

‘It’s a well-known species with a wide distribution from the Seychelles to the Great Barrier Reef, which would include Malaysia.’ Said the WWF.

Much like everything on twitter, users quickly got to editing the original picture which resulted in the hilarious images.

Image: Twitter/@ErtugrulGhaazii


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