Greta Thunberg arrives in Europe by catamaran

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 3 December 2019

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived by catamaran in the port of Lisbon on Tuesday morning after a three-week journey across the Atlantic from the US.

The teen arrived in the Portuguese capital where she was greeted by Lisbon’s mayor, Fernando Medina, before heading to Spain to attend the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid.

Greta had appealed to sailors for a lift across the Atlantic after the Climate Change Conference was moved from Chile to Spain. The young Swede doesn’t fly because of the carbon emissions associated with air travel.

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Thunberg received a response from Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, an Australian couple who travel the world on their yacht with their 11-month-old son, Lenny.

According to AFP, the catamaran, La Vagabonde, ‘leaves little or no carbon footprint when its sails are up, using solar panels and hydro-generators for electricity’.

Featured image: Greta Thunberg/Twitter

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