Japan to open futuristic Spaceport City

Posted by Adrian Brown on 29 October 2020

SpacePort Japan Association, Dentsu, Canaria, and Noiz Architects are planning to open an innovative, futuristic ‘Spaceport City’.

The purpose of Spaceport City is to entice visitors about the wonders of space and to one day potentially send people into space for day trips.

What’s more is that visitors will also be able to indulge in lifestyle and education facilities such as research and business facilities, an education academy, shops, a hotel, an astronaut-food restaurant, a 4D IMAX movie theatre, an art museum, a gym, an aquarium, and a disco.

A spaceport is a ground-based launch facility installation for testing and launching spacecrafts.

The cylindrical steel and glass towers are situated on an island in Tokyo Bay. Picture: Space Port Japan Association, Dentsu, Canaria and Noiz Architects

While commercial suborbital spaceflights don’t yet exist, Virgin Galactic is spearheading the way. The company is testing suborbital spacecrafts, specifically horizontal-launch versions, which is what Spaceport City is designed for.

Urszula Kuczma, project manager at Noiz Architects, says that the concept space travel project will be beneficial to the economy and a source of inspiration for people wanting to explore futuristic technology and space.



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