Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital care for hedgehog

Posted by Imogen Searra on 5 February 2021

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital has taken an African hedgehog into their care. Despite her spiky exterior, the little mammal was no match against the powerful jaws of a dog and was left with a nasty bite.

The latest addition to the hospital is one of two hedgehog residents in the team’s care.

‘When this hedgehog came in, she was covered in crusty exudate and fly eggs. She was treated with antibiotics and pain medication, Her wounds are regularly debrided under anaesthetic (in order to clean and remove all infected and dead tissue from her wounds),’ said the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital on Facebook.

The little female hedgehog’s wounds are healing and she is eating on her own, the hospital continued.

‘Our thanks to Dr Marianne Lomberg of KahmaVet for ensuring that we have a supply of Molnlycke Granudacyn products on hand. This product has been instrumental in the care and healing of the wound in this hedgehog,’ concluded the post.

The African hedgehog is one of two in the care of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. Image: Ashleigh Pienaar

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The team treat indigenous animals free of charge, relying solely on the donations and support of our community.

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