Man fakes Hawaiian holiday

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 24 July 2019

Social media was in stitches when a user recently posted footage that was supposedly of his holiday to Hawaii.

Except the holiday wasn’t real. According to Anthony Bustamante, who goes by the username @aanthonyy07 on Twitter, said he couldn’t afford a real trip to the island nation, so he created his own vacation.

You can thank his video-editing skills for some of the laughter you’re guaranteed. Some of the best parts include Bustamante waving from the open door of an aircraft, and then dressed in a short dress and apparently mimicking an airline hostess.

The video features some ridiculous but equally side-splitting elements, such as Bustamante ‘touching’ a stream of molten lava, performing a traditional hula dance dressed in a sarong and spliced onto a surfboard in a scene from the animated children’s series Lilo and Stitch. All the while, cheery Hawaiian music plays in the background.

Brace yourselves for an authentic Hawaiian holiday experience, from check-in to sunsets on the beach:

Despite the overwhelming positive responses to the piece, from laughter to affirmations from other users who related to Anthony’s holiday blues, one online travel company reached out to him and offered to sponsor a real trip to Hawaii. It just goes to show that sometimes a bit of creativity and a good attitude can go a long way.

Images: Anthony Bustamante via Twitter

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