The latest tracking update marks Bob’s 41st day at sea

Posted on 15 March 2023

Thanks to a tracking update by the Turtle Conservation Centre and a detailed analysis by Talitha Noble, we know exactly what Bob the ocean-faring turtle has been up to in his first 41 days of freedom.

When the Turtle Conservation Centre last checked in with speedy Bob, he had started to move in a westerly direction after his swift journey south in the Agulhas Current. During this time, Bob stuck to the edge of the continental shelf.

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Over these 41 days, Bob has travelled on average 54 kilometres per day.

Update two, provided by Talitha Noble:

‘In the last seven days, Bob has continued to move along the continental edge, staying on the outer edge of the Agulhas Bank and moving in a northerly direction—toward the Cape Peninsula! Bob is moving in the same direction as the current, which is moving at about 1.5 kilometres per hour. However, he is sticking to a slower-moving part, possibly to stay within the boundary of the continental shelf. Currently, he is swimming over waters about 200 meters deep and about 22 degrees.’

Picture: Two Oceans Aquarium / Facebook

According to Noble, the edge of the continental shelf, where the shallow depth of the water allows for sunlight to reach marine life, is abundant in nutrients and fish species.

“Most lately, Bob is only 85km offshore from Hermanus, where our turtle team is based for the Turtle Rescue Roadtrip!”

Picture: Two Oceans Aquarium / Facebook

If Bob decides to continue northward, he could potentially cross currents with Turbo and Pan, two former patients of the Two Oceans Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

Pan, a loggerhead turtle, spent three years in our Turtle Rehabilitation Centre before being released off Cape Point in 2022 with a satellite tag. Turbo, a green turtle, was released in December 2022, and he spent a lot of time hanging out around the West Coast National Park and the broader west coast waters.

‘Is Bob keen to head in the direction that many of our turtles have taken before? Does he also want to go to the colder waters of the West Coast for abundant food?’

Picture: Two Oceans Aquarium / Facebook

Bob’s latest statistics:

  • Days since release: 41
  • Distance travelled: 2000 kilometres
  • Distance from shore: 85 kilometres
  • Nearest town: Hermanus
  • Water Depth: 600 metres

View all previous updates by Talitha Noble here.

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