Zirk Botha’s Row2Rio: First sighting of land in 68 days

Posted by Anita Froneman on 25 February 2021

Zirk Botha is nearing the end of his colossal undertaking of rowing solo from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro. On February 24 he saw land for the first time in over two months and is expected to arrive at the Cabo Frio Yacht Club outside Rio on February 28.

‘Land ahoy! First sighting of land in 68 days! Woop woop!’ Botha posted on Facebook. ‘Went through the oilfields last night. I passed right next to them. The shipping traffic is very busy at the oilfields which I have just passed. But all super professional and giving Ratel lots of space.’

Posted by Zirk Botha – Live a Great Adventure on Wednesday, 24 February 2021

He is the first person to attempt the journey, rowing alone in his trusty rowboat Ratel, unsupported by any safety craft. His pace is setting records that will be hard to beat.

‘Yesterday I thought that Ratel was a bit sluggish and then I realized that I hadn’t scrubbed the hull for more than a week and did so right away,’ Botha continued. ‘As I was getting rid of the growth on the hull, it dawned on me that it was the last time I would do so. We have shared an amazing adventure and she kept me safe for a few short of 4000 nm. Needless to say it was an emotional moment. Currently, I still need to find a solution to bringing Ratel back to South Africa. If anyone has contacts at a shipping company that can help, please let me know.’

The Embassy of South Africa in Brazil also took note of Botha and praised his efforts to raise awareness for climate change on Facebook. ‘Zirk has undertaken this incredible feat to highlight environmental issues, climate change and the need to make more sustainable choices. He hopes to use this platform to make us aware of the impact we have on our planet and to encourage people to be mindful about their daily actions,’ they said.

To learn more about Botha and his incredible journey, visit his website. 

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Picture: Facebook

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