Noordhoek Wetlands records increase in snares

Posted by Leila Stein on 16 November 2020

SANParks has warned those walking in the Noordhoek Wetlands to be extra cautious as increased poaching activity has resulted in the discovery of multiple snare traps.

Noordhoek Wetlands sees increase in snares

Snare traps are designed to tighten around an animal’s neck.

Snares are traps made of wire intended to loop around an animals neck as they walk through it to catch it. They are illegal and often lead to severe injury and death of the animals that get caught.

SANParks actively monitor for snares, trying to remove them before they cause any harm but this isn’t always possible. With increased poaching activity comes a tougher time locating snares efficiently.

Members of the public are urged to keep on the demarcated trails and take care of their pets so that they don’t get trapped in a snare.

‘Poachers often set as many snares as possible in the hope of catching the specific animal they want. We also found the spoor of grysbok, lizards, frogs, porcupines and snakes. We advise everyone using the wetlands to look out for these crude snares and remove them in their entirety when you find them,’ Andrea Marais of Noordhoek Environmental Action Group (NEAG) told the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA).

If you see a snare you are asked to remove it immediately. If you feel you are unable to you can also contact SANParks to report the snares or any suspicious behaviour.

Picture: Urban Caracal Project


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